Four Uncommon Lessons about Floor Tiles

Many facts are already floating around about floor tiles, according to experts’ discovery. However, a couple of things are only privy to private ears and yet produce excellent results. When you finally decide to change the floor tiles in your home or install them for the first time, you should place these ‘top secret’ ideas at the top of your list. Below are four of such unique views that can make your home interior worth it.

The Choice of Floor Tile Color

Before you assume you already know everything about the color of perfect floor tiles, pause to hear this gist. The right choice of colors for your floor can revamp your home altogether, especially if you are on a low budget. When it comes to making choices, deciding whether to use one color or the other can change the entire game. So, firstly, you should plan to coordinate the floor tile color choice of the whole room or one room at a time. 

Gloss Rectangular 50 x 80 cm Ceramic Floor Tiles, Thickness: 7-10 mm, Rs 30  /square feet | ID: 22050182648

In other words, you need not only focus on the wall tiles but also consider what you can make out of the floor. Moreover, both the wall and the floor must resonate in harmony with each other and the entire home. In addition, think about what the color of the other items is in making such choices. For instance, suppose about eh cupboards, equipment, vanity, and tapware. Do they have accent colors, or are they rather inconspicuous?

Bear in mind that if you try a neutral color, you are set for a durable arrangement for many years to come. And brightly colored floor tiles ensure enough illumination in the home through the reflective or glossy-like surfaces. The more illumination enters a room, the more spacious it feels and the more suitable it looks. In addition, color choices in floor tiles are an essential ingredient in setting up a magnificent homely look.

Double sizes or double patterns of floor tiles

Another way to create memorable adventures for everyone who steps into your home is to combine tile sizes and patterns. At times uniformity can get boring, and you may need to spice things up a bit more than the standard designs. Moreover, floor tiles can work perfectly on the floor that blends from one room to the other. For example, imagine having a different tile pattern that flows from the living room to the balcony or verandah.  Click here to read about How to have flawless floor tiles.

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This pattern or style can also be technical and achieve adverse results, except you get a professional to handle it. At the same time, you also need to try out some recommended patterns that could blend into each other rather than a gamble. In addition, floor tiles can work for different fixing practices that may follow a standard fixing or a brick bonded or staggered way. An essential part of your tiling process for the floor requires careful planning to get great results.

A viable example is to design floor tiles with various sizes that can follow a modular pattern for each square meter of tile. Meanwhile, don’t forget that the size of the entire floor area will determine the number of grout lines that can be possible on it. On the other hand, using fewer grout lines implies creating an illusion of space, which is a perfect innovation for small room spaces. 

Ceramic or porcelain combination

In choosing the best floor tiles, you need to select the best materials that work for you. On the other hand, you should note that porcelain floor tiles are usually much more robust than ceramic floor tiles due to their higher density. As a result, it is safer and better to have porcelain tiles laid out on the exterior part of the house rather than the home interior. In addition, porcelain is not likely to soak up water, which could otherwise freeze the tiles and cause them to crack.

Wall tiling is most beautiful with large size ceramic-porcelain combination  | by Simplytiling | Medium

At the same time, the way things turn out also largely depends on the floor surface level of use. In other words, what is the story of the traffic of people that will be using floor tiles? Answering that question determines the choice between porcelain and ceramic. Moreover, you can thereby determine whether these tiles will work for domestic uses or commercial purposes. For instance, the strength of the floor tiles at home should be different from that of a shopping mall.

For such a high-traffic place like a shopping mall, you need the strength and durability of porcelain. On the other hand, in the case of domestic use, such as the kitchen, you can use ceramic tiles as the floor tiles. And if you are a contract designer, it is worth understanding the use of the proposed floor and then getting facts from the retailer before finalizing your plans and budget. In other words, you should buy from an experienced dealer and use professional counsel.

Wetroom Floor Tiles

The next part of the lessons to learn from floor tiles is the application to wetrooms in the home. When tiling a wetroom floor, there should be a gradient or slope of the floor towards the drain outflow. As a result, the designer must ensure the property is factored into the design and worked into the plan. Meanwhile, mosaic floor tiles are usually a strong enough recommendation to withstand the kind of pressure the floor takes.

Creating A Wonderful Wetroom | Tileflair

Some recommended examples include the glass mosaic tiles and the glazed porcelain, which are both fantastic choices of floor tiles. At the same time, they also provide an excellent choice due to the small sizes of the mosaic tiles. Moreover, you can make use of Split mosaics as an ideal option. In the end, your home interior deserves the best products and handling you can get.


On a final note, using floor tiles in the home also requires one last thing to note: safety is vital. Whether installing floor tiles in the home or a commercial area, there is always a need to prioritize safety above beauty or aesthetic value. The reason is, you don’t want people to slip off floor surfaces and record injuries. Therefore, when choosing floor tiles, you may also want to consider tiles with textures.